Vacone (Lazio) 28 luglio 2016

Scavi Alla Villa Romana di Vacone 2016

Excavations at the Villa Romana di Vacone are the focus of the Upper Sabina Tiberina Project & the Rutgers University Archaeological Field School in Italy.

The Rutgers University Archaeological Field School in Italy, in operation since 2012, is a Rutgers Study Abroad summer program that endeavors to teach undergraduate and graduate students archaeological field skills and methods. Among those taught are: excavation techniques; site recording and management skills; the handling, processing and preserving of site materials, such as mosaics, painted wall plaster, pottery, human remains and other small finds; and field surveying skills through the operation of a total station. Student participants will acquire this training by doing these things on site in Italy under the supervision of academic and professional archaeologists and conservators. Rutgers professors and graduate students from the Departments of History-Newark, Earth and Environmental Sciences-Newark, Classics-New Brunswick and Anthropology-New Brunswick will all teach and participate in the field school. In addition to fieldwork, there will also be lectures and readings about archaeological methods, and historical topics related to the project currently being pursued by the field school, the Upper Sabina Tiberina Project (for which, see The field school operates in the Tiber River Valley in the northwestern part of the province of Lazio, just about 40 miles upriver from Rome. Participants live and work near the small village of Vacone (Rieti), excavating a Roman villa site with evidence of Republican, Imperial and post-antique occupation and activity.

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