Reggio Calabria (Calabria) 25 dicembre 2015

Buon Natale a tutti by Calabria Meridionale Jonio (Lex )

To Wish you a Merry Christmas to All I realized this mini Time laps of a few minutes, just to thank everybody for helping me grow.
Becoming number one is difficult, but not impossible ..
This video lacks only Bivongi, like other countries, the lack of time.
But I wish all the countries in the Ionian Sea wishes, with the promise that my new project that is under way, take the most countries.
Thanks to Artistadiabolico Lex Apache Fabbri Seeds Photographer on the road of professionalism … DIY, highly recommended by the most famous photographers World !!
Merry Christmas to all.
A if you interested please contact the Music Intro: VFXZach On Youtube. The Song is called: Dramatic Intro music