Vercelli (Piemonte) 17 dicembre 2021


Massimo Paracchini is displaying a piece of art in London at the Badiani Art Space, 42 Notting Hill, from 16th December 2021 to 3rd January 2022 — open every day from 1.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. (24th December closing at 4 p.m.; 25th December closed). The work presented by Paracchini is titled “Gold Kromoexplosion Love Vortex in Psykotrance” and represents a heart from whose centre a vortex expands , as in a sort of great artistic Big Bang, a vortex of love in a gold kromoexplosion involving the whole Universe, vibrant, multiform, boundless. Everything was generated a state of Psykotrance – which is the artist’s state of total ecstasy, born from his deep psychic energy, able to involve both the mind and the spirit but, above all, the heart from which all human emotions and sensations arise . The work was created with a particular and personal technique invented by Paracchini himself called “Tridimensional Painting” or “Plastic Painting”, that is a pictosculpture on canvas where colour is added in perfect “synchromia” with the gestural technique of Free Sprinkling. Great importance is given to the relief and volume of the support that becomes the real protagonist and means of communication, that becomes as important as the subject represented. It is one of the new abstract, informal and aniconic forms created by Paracchini, which marks a sort of re-genesis of form and colour, born from the deep abysses of the mind and the soul, from an atom-vortex of pure flowing energy vibrating in eternal evolutionary movement.