Genova (Liguria) 19 febbraio 2017

Massimo Paracchini – The “world Art Collection 2017” Prize


The award ceremony took place on Sunday 12th February 2017 in the meeting room of the NH HOTEL MARINE COLLECTION, next to Genoa Aquarium, just opposite the NEPTUNE GALLEON, which had been the setting for the film PIRATES by Roman Polanski.
The members of the Critical Committee who were present at the prize giving ceremony were Mariarosaria Belgiovine (Art Critic e art Director of ArtExpò Gallery), Jean Charles Spina ( Internazional Art Critic and President of GS Comunication –Nice), Vincenzo Chetta (Director of Biancoscuro Art Magazine – Pavia), Daniela Malabaila (Editor – in – chief of Biancoscuro Art Magazine), Elena Cicchetti (ART critic and President of Art in the World) , Francesco Chetta (Editor of “ Effeci Arte Collezionismo”), Giorgio Bolla writer and poet), Eraldo Vinciguerra (art historian), Giampaolo Curti (art consultant), Oxana Albot (art critic – Genoa)
The prize-giving ceremony was broadcast live streaming on the facebookpage of ArtExpò Gallery together with the video- exhibition of the selected works.

In the course of the ceremony Massimo Paracchini has been awarded the “World Art Collection 2017” Cup toghether with a Diploma and a critical review. The selected work will be published in the official Catalogue of the Award.
The Award has been planned and organised by Mariarosa Belgiovine, Art Director of ArtExpò Gallery.

Description of Massimo Paracchini’s awarded painting

Title: “Free Sprinkling Overflowing and Sparkling in Alchemic Kromotrance in Portofino in the Hyperdimensional Interferences of the Soul ”

Oil on panel, 80 x 60

Every image, every shape must be transformed by the artist in pure, timeless vision through an alchemic process of dynamic krometamorphosis and it can be trans-atomized through that skillful and magic aspersion of colours called Free Sprinkling Overflowing and Sparkling. At the same time they can also projected in the hyperelliptical and hyperdimensional geometries of the Universe and they can be transfigured by the unrestrained impulse of the Soul which is alive and throbbing with strong feelings and infinite emotions in a state of transcendental Kromotrance that suddenly brings the artist in an ecstatic dimension, in a time and a space that are universal.
Even when the cosmic dimension breaks into the landscape, every search becomes a inner journey thanks to the hyperdimensional geometry. Starting from the outside, the gyre turns towards the centre, towards the mysterious depth of the soul, towards an obscure, unfathomable dimension, getting to the bottom of the abyss, down in the crater of a burning, unexplored Hearth to discover a New Universe

From “Trascendental Eidetic of Art” by Massimo Paracchini


Massimo Paracchini was born on March 5th, 1962 in Borgomanero, Novara, Italy.
As a child, he studied Art at Professor’s Rinone’s Studio and then got a Degree at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Turin. Starting with representational art, he evolved towards expressionism, cubism and conceptual art. He elaborated different theories of artistic creation, such as “Cosmic-Alchemic free Sprinkling”, “Eidetic and Visionary Trans-Futurism”, “Primordial-Chromatic Trans-atomization”, “Thought and Soul Interference”, “Hyper-elliptic and Hyper-dimensional Geometry”, “Free Sprinkling Overflowing and Sparkling”, “Wavelight Lightning”, “Alchemic, Dynamic and Orphic Kro-metamorphosis”, “Chromatic Crushing of the Alchemic Space”, “Chromatic Energheia”, “Astra-geometrical Espressionism”, “Trans-geometry”, “Kromotrance”, “Kronotrance”, “Kromohypnosis” and “Kronohypnosis”.
His subjects range from animals, still natures, landscapes and portraits to nudes and abstracts.
Techniques: acrylic, oil, tempera, mixed media.
The artist’s paintings are in the Marketplace directed by Vittorio Sgarbi ( and on exhibition at Nelson Cornici Art Gallery in Vercelli and Noli Art Gallery, in Noli (Savona).
He is present in the most important Italian art catalogues and he is appreciated by Italian art critics such as Paolo Levi, Salvatore Russo, Sandro Serradifalco, Elena Cicchetti, Tiziana Tamburi, Mariarosaria Belgiovine.

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