Milano (Lombardia) 25 ottobre 2014

Foley: formal notice to “Il Giornale” against advertisement

Today, Saturday October 25th, acting as the lawyer of Mrs. Diane Foley, mother of James Foley, the reporter who was brutally murdered by ISIS, I have sent a formal notice to the Publishing Company of “Il Giornale” requesting the immediate suspension of the use of the advertisement of the book written by Magdi Allam, “Non perdiamo la testa” (“Let’s not lose our head”).
I have also filed, on behalf of Mrs Foley, a request to the Committee of Advertising Practice in order to obtain the removal of the advertisement.
The family is currently considering other actions to be taken against Il Giornale.
The use of the picture showing James Foley right in the moment before his execution in order to advertise the book, as well as the macabre association of that picture with the title of the book itself, does not only constitute an illicit use of James Foley’s image for commercial and advertising purposes, but it is also disrespectful to his memory and dignity, and to the sorrow that his family and the people who loved him are currently living.
The family of James Foley wishes to emphasize that they do not harbor hatred and have no purpose of revenge whatsoever. All they ask for is respect, as well as for the right to live their pain without suffering further indignities and humiliations. James Foley was a good and passionate reporter, who loved to tell, to document, and to inform. James Foley loved life and believed in the dignity of human beings, and for this reason he wanted tell the world about the plight of the Syrian people. This is what he lived for, and died for.
James Foley is not going to be the advertisement of the book written by Mr Magdi Allam. Il Giornale must withdraw the advertisement immediately in order to respect the dignity of a dead person as well as the pain of his family.
Luca Bauccio (Mrs. Diane Foley’ lawyer).