USA, Paese estero 03 maggio 2014

Alexandra Melnick :My Solo Flight! Cessna 152 .

Departing Palomar Airport ( CRQ ) with some choppy winds. I’m using my GoPro with phone as a wireless remote to capture my run-up and take-off.


This video was originally for my dad but I’m happy to share Hope you enjoy and Semper Fi!

Other info about Alexandra Melnick.

I’ve received many questions from people wanting to know a little more about me. I enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 2009 and have been afforded many great opportunities. I was stationed in Camp Fuji, Mainland Japan (About an hour South of Tokyo). There I performed many different jobs including Military Police.

During the massive earthquake and tsunami, we assisted with humanitarian/disaster relief for Operation Tomodachi. I was then stationed in Camp Pendleton.

From there I was deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan in FOB Edi. I was deployed with the Magnificent Bastards of 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines. There we went on daily operations outside the wire to support our Marines in other FOBs in the AO.

After our return to Camp Pendleton, I started school full time, flying full time all while working full time.Now that I am honorably out of the Marines, I will continue to fly and go to school.I will post videos as time progresses so stay tuned!

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