Palermo (Sicilia) 28 settembre 2018



Adalberto Abbate/ Jota Castro/ Mario Consiglio/ Sandro Mele/ Calixto Ramirez

September 28th, 2018, h 18:00

Spazio Rivoluzione – Palermo

On Friday, 28th September 2018, at Spazio Rivoluzione (piazza della Rivoluzione, 9) opens “FANGO”, an independent exhibition featuring works by Jota Castro, Mario Consiglio, Sandro Mele, Adalberto Abbate and Calixto Ramirez.
The turbid and viscous image of the mud – which sweeps things away, destroys and recreates – represents a common research centered on global issues, in which politics, collective commitment and individual resistance are combined with violent denunciations and disenchanted illusions. The mud, with its destructive energy, wipes out the veil of hypocrisy that numbs social action, bringing down indifference and comforting sand castles. The mud, seen as a disturbing element, as a substance to be purged, is linked to our desire for control and environmental sterilization, leading us to consider the waste as a cumbersome residue. Returning to the mud, to the original limus, means reappropriating a powerful creative freedom, moving away from a false sense of modesty and from the imposition of rigid patterns.
“The mud has taken the place of our blood, it circulates in our veins becoming part of us and swamps every enthusiasm and resistance. It is the mud that covers landscapes, collective memories and truths. It is the mud of corruption, of exchange votes, of relations between mafia, of economy and politics, of violence and rigged contracts. It is the mud that shatters and drains the depleted cement of bridges, houses, schools and highways. It is the mud that swamps journalism and the culture of breaking. The only possible reaction is not to yield to the plots of power and to the false architectures of knowledge. The only chronicle of destruction must be made of mud.” (Adalberto Abbate).

SPAZIO RIVOLUZIONE, piazza della Rivoluzione, 9, Palermo, Italy