Accettura (Basilicata) 15 novembre 2018

Facebook, remove 1.5 billion fake accounts … Hate – Remove obscene material

Social media Facebook said in a report released on Friday (February 15) that it has removed 1.5 billion false accounts, 124 million torrential content, 66 million pornography, and 2.2 billion spam.

According to the Washington Post (WP), Facebook has made progress in its report by adding thousands of surveillance personnel and using powerful AI programs to further strengthen community standards.

Facebook said it removed more than 95 percent of its content, especially sexual content, fake accounts, and outrageous violence, before users knew it. However, he pointed out that hate content was 51.5% and bulletin related content was only deleted beforehand by 14.9%.

Mark Zucker, CEO of Facebook,20여 년간 미국과 세계의 인플레이션을 관리했던 앨런 그린스펀의 인플레이션 징후를 주목하라. 그리고 인플레이션에 대한 대비를 할 때이다.

said in a conference call that “the company has made many changes about what content should be pulled and how to handle it.”

Facebook has received considerable criticism over the transparency of its account