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Casamicciola Terme (Napoli) - 18 Maggio 2010

Servizio Sequestro Scempio Di Stato A Ischia In Inglese

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Finally seized again the yard of the Forest barracks, under construction, in the pinewood Bosco della Maddalena of Casamicciola Terme: better late than never!
Our readers already know the long and sad story of arrogance of a political and institutional power that at all costs wanted to start the work of building the barracks of the State Forestry of island of Ischia in the luxuriant pinewood Bosco della Maddalena in the Municipality of Casamicciola Terme, a real monster of reinforced concrete over three floors, that to be able to realize it, has been literally demolished a piece of that pinewood with the abatement of dozens of luxuriant pine trees and of a thriving Mediterranean mark, a true crime committed against the environment and the whole landscape heritage of our Island. Surely for committing this indisputable environmental crime there have been very serious political, administrative and institutional responsibilities at municipal, provincial, regional, ministerial level and of different authorities and have been established and written also inaccurate things that, probably, were able to mislead those who were called to verify the correctness of what was happening. The Italian Marxist Leninist Communist Party especially in the last decade, has given its modest political contribution of denunciation, with the circulation of videos on the carnage that was taking place, the latest just released on Friday, May 14, 2010 and sent to senators and Members of the Republic, so that someone might experience the institutional duty to intervene immediately and appropriately and some parlamentarians have already contacted us by phone and email making themselves available - several petitions to the Prosecutor's office and, ultimately, even to the President of Republic and political demonstrations on the spot.
Yesterday morning, finally, the Customs Officer, lieutenancy command of Ischia, in implementation of a decree of preventive seizure issued by the court of Naples, PP n.47938/09 PM and n.41164/09 GIP, submitted to seizure and gating the entire area of the notorious yard and this has occurred, unfortunately, when that invaluable piece of pinewood has been brutally demolished and the impressive works of reinforced concrete were already making the first floor waiting for the second and third one
The construction of a Forest instead of a piece of pinewood destroyed just by the State institutions that should have defended it, is a bad history of social incivility and environmental destruction that has exposed us to the indignant criticisms of citizens and tourists of all the world, has been an indelible shame for our country and its culture. To arrive at that nascent and imaginable gloomy building of reinforced concrete inside a pinewood there have been heavy responsibilities that now must emerge and be prosecuted per law. Therefore we ask the judiciary: to shed light on the documents produced and not produced by town administrations of Casamicciola starting from the beginning of the sad affair, that is, from the eighties of last century, to verify the correctness or otherwise of the proceedings which led to the starting of work, beginning with the examination of works of the service conference, their validity and decisions taken, to ascertain any liability in the procedures adopted by the town of Casamicciola Terme, the province of Naples, from the Campania region, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and from interegional Superintendency for public works of Campania and Molise, headquartered in Naples, to ascertain the incontrovertibility of clarifications contained in the letter of the State Forestry Corp of September 14, 2009, provincial command in Naples and with reference to the Note of Superintendence of Naples on 13 August 2009 and the displacement of construction of the building from cadastral unit 9 to unit 1, displacement that would be occurred during a service conference with the suggestion of concerned regional basin authority (response to parliamentary question of the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Luca Zaia, to ascertain that the closing of service conference, which has led to the work starting, has taken place in the manners established from Article .81 fourth paragraph of the Decree of President Republic on 24 July 1977 n.616; to verify why the work has been started even in presence of the negative opinion of the Superintendence for the environment and landscape of Naples, sent to concernede parties on December 4, 2009, to ascertain why the work started soon after the release from seizure of yard of November 3, 2009 without considering all aspects of the administrative procedure, starting from the lack of municipal permit to build.
In short, we are confident that at this point of sad affair the examining and trying Judiciary will examine the whole question from the origin to the present day in all its political, administrative and institutional implications to verify and prosecute any criminal and civil liability and that the concerned authorities will soon notice, to the responsible parties, the dismantling of realized building structures and of the yard and the restore of the places with the replanting of pinewood and of Mediterranean mark, brutally destroyed. The editorial Staff of PCIML-TV is ready to make available the judiciary of all movies produced and advertised on the progressivity of the carnage committed, from the first cut pines to date. The Italian Marxist-Leninist Communist Party on whole issue asks also for the opening of two investigations, one by the Ministry of Justice and the other by the Supreme Council of Judiciary to individue, if there are the necessary conditions for legal and administrative legitimacy to intervene, and possibly persecute responsibility of their own competence and will continue its political struggle with all possible initiatives and in all institutional offices appointed to defend the environmental heritage of our Island and in order to see soon again to grow the pines in that area brutally devastated by saws and reinforced concrete and we are sure that those who have aspired to any office within that pinewood will remain disappointed.
Forio (Naples), May 18, 2010.

* Domenico Savio