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Giani_da_Negro citizen reporter

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iscritto il 18 Aprile 2017
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In spite of all Angela Merkel’s assurances of awareness about Kremlin’s threat for the European safety is becoming increasingly grave, Germany still does little to dam...
20 Aprile 2018
Many political experts believe that current relations between Russia and western countries can be described as the start of the new cold war. It is obvious that there...
12 Aprile 2018
Traffic in arms market has always been and remains one of the main sources for pumping up the national budgets of many countries. At the same time, it is the battlefie...
26 Febbraio 2018
This February in Germany turned out to be hot: German political elite plays GroKo card. While social democrats vote for a coalition with the conservative block of Chri...
23 Febbraio 2018
«Divide et Impera» (Divide and dominate) – a management principle entered by ancient Romans – having outlived its founders for the millenia, still remains actual. Auth...
16 Gennaio 2018
Immune system of the European community, which currently suffers severe attack of informational virus of Kremlin propaganda, gets gradually rehabilitated. Pro-Kremlin...
2 Gennaio 2018
On December, 14 Vladimir Putin held annual year-end press-conference attended by Russian and foreign journalists. The scope of the discussed issues was quite broad – f...
26 Dicembre 2017
It is a well-known fact that trading coal is quite profitable business, and when it comes to trading coal with the territories where instead of generally accepted form...
18 Dicembre 2017
The military conflict in the East of Ukraine has been going on for several years now. During that time politicians and representatives of numerous international organi...
11 Dicembre 2017
On May 18, Crimean Tatar people commemorate victims of deportation. This day is truly holy for all Crimean Tatar people. 73 years backwards, on May 18, 1944 terrific c...
17 Maggio 2017
On April 20-22, 2017 the 3rd Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF-2017) took place in Yalta under the direction of current government of Crimea. It is worth to men...
28 Aprile 2017
On April 20-22 a well-known Yalta resort in occupied Crimea will invite the so called 3rd Yalta International Economic Forum. Current Crimean “authorities” present thi...
18 Aprile 2017